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Bye Bye Spice & Ice

Today is the day I start my life without spices. Last week, I went to a Chinese doctor for the rashes at my cheek and some places of my body, he said to me “You can’t live like this anymore, no spice no ice from now on.” It’s like a dawn on me. I used to like spicy food very much, soup with spice, salad with spice, anything with spice. So you must understand this is damn hard for me. This morning, after brushing my teeth and having an extremely healthy yet disgusting breakfast, like blue berries and red beans, I began to plan what to eat at lunch and dinner in my head, and IT WAS frustrating. I left for work at 10:00 am sharp with utter sadness. During work, I had to keep telling myself no lunch yet, no lunch yet, let’s concentrate on work, non-stop talking on the phone, “C’mon let me become the busiest man in the world” screaming inside. I no longer looking forward to the break time like I normally do until 3:00 pm when I couldn’t stand for the feeling of hungry. I went to “Spicy Mother” to get some spiceless food. Right I got teased a bit at that adorable food booth I always love. I took green bean noodles, tofu and broccoli with no spice which I usually add spices in medium degree. And like I expected, it is a boring lunch. I didn’t even finish it. God, how I miss the feeling when the spicy hot soup dripping in my tongue like slightly boiling water floating inside my mouth that creates a movement bringing me courage and satisfaction. Now there’s nothing. Only emptiness and flavorless taste left inside of me. The rest of the time at work, I just felt that I was running out of the energy. Spice is like a serious addiction to me, like drinking problem, drug abuse or something. And I promise that I will get rid of this addiction until the doctor confirms that the rash will be no more coming. This is going to take long…..

Power Power come give me some, Gaga!